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Day 1 🖤

Introducing Million Dollar Medi+ medical grade cosmeceutical range, to compliment, maintain and enhance the results achieved by our Million Dollar Facials.

Medi+ is a high strength clinically proven range of products designed for home care, before, during and after in clinic treatments to ensure you get the best value and best outcomes from your Million Dollar Facial investment.

When using this range you will see enhanced benefits from your treatments.

Million Dollar Medi+ DermaCleanse Daily Cleanser is a luxury gel cleanse containing natural papaya fruit acids to hydrate and gently exfoliate. It calms irritated skins and helps to restore a healthy glowing complexion.

Chamomile – An anti-inflammatory designed to condition and calm the skin.

Papaya – Natural enzymes papain helps to remove impurities and dead skin with it’s non-mechanical action to exfoliate.

Vitamin E - A powerful antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage in skin, Increases the recovery and healing of the skin plus keeping the skin looking younger.

This product will remove surface impurities, dirt, bacteria and make up from the skin prepping it for active ingredients to work more effectively in a treatment for maximum results.

As an at-home-treatments use as a double cleanse twice daily for best results.

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