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Individually Worth: £100


Step 1 Remove+ Cleanser Remove all face and eye makeup with the beautiful lightweight cleansing lotion. It will effectively remove both make up and impurities from the skin. It can be used on cotton pads or massaged into the skin and rinsed off after. The lotion is formulated with natural calming properties, fruit extracts and soft fragrant sweet orange oil, which will leave the skin cleansed but hydrated.


Step 2 i-Tx Eye Cream Apply a rice size amount of the eye cream per eye. Results can be seen within 10 minutes of using this wonder product. For optimum results apply both morning and evening. Use the tool to smooth under and over the eye area, concentrating on the crow’s feet and fine lines and wrinkles. Use the pressure point massage routine to guide with application.


Step 3 Gel Eye Pads Use the cooling gel eye pads, place over the eyes, and allow them to work to relieve any tired puffy eyes. The pads can be placed in the fridge to cool to the appropriate temperature. 


Step 4 Ready to feast your eyes on the prize?


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