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Instantly revitalise rough, dry or bumpy skin with this 3 step exfoliating kit. Featuring both AHAs and BHAs, this powerful yet gentle trio of products includes a scrub, mitt and a lotion.


Together, they work to smooth over visible, raised skin bumps caused by a common skin condition called keratosis pilaris. The kit is suitable for all skin types and can also be used to target very dry skin, ingrown hairs and uneven fake tan.


  • Addresses the visible signs of keratosis pilaris


  • Rejuvenate, and deeply moisturise the skin


  • Ultra-nourishing components


  • leaves legs and arms soft, sleek and silky


Infused with exfoliating acids which effortlessly slough off dead skin cells and loosens blocked pores, the surface of the body skin is visibly smoothed.


Kit includes: 


1 X Smooth Body Scrub 150ml

1 X Smooth Body Lotion 200ml

1 x Smooth Body Mitt 

Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit

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