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Firm Hydrate and Firm Lift nutraceutical cocktail drinks plus a glass shot glass.

Individually Worth: £60


The Power House combination of Hydrate and Firm lift cocktails will leave you feeling and looking a Million Dollars.


Hydrate+ Hyaluronic Acid is lemon flavoured liquid supplement that contains natural formula of hydrating nutrients. Our Hydrate+ hyaluronic Acid 500ml provides a 33 day supply of a powerful/strong/potent mix/combination/formula that covers a daily intake in only 15 ml. Our Hydrate+ hyaluronic Acid Liquid supplement is enhanced with the antioxidant power of silica and vitamin C, protecting skin cells from oxidative stress. 15ml a day. Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate once opened.


Firm lift+ Collagen 10,000 Pure Peptide is a natural berry flavoured liquid supplement with a rich/powerful protein made up of peptides. Studies show that ingesting Collagen can give the following benefits: Improved skin elasticity Overall skin health Combat the effects of aging Reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles Increase skin hydration and smoothness. A 20 day supply, 25ml per day. Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate once opened.

Take a $hot Vol I

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