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Day 2 🖤

Million Dollar Miracle Mask Treatment £85

The ground-breaking facial mask packed with clinically proven ingredients.

The multi-functional treatment designed to work miracles in one session. Leaving skin tighter, firmer and brighter, this product is destined to sit alongside Professional therapists and deserves its own spot on the Million Dollar Facial protocol hall of fame!!!

Using the latest peptide technology, this Miracle Mask has the unique ability to create micro circulation, promote collagen and elastin and stimulate detoxification. Thus, instantly energising the skin giving you that red carpet look 72 hours before any big event in your social calendar.

We love it so much we wanted to provide it as a facial mask to help us to look and feel a Million dollars every day… so this works fantastic when we incorporate it as a weekly treatment.

Immediate results last up to 7 days, post ongoing results with a course of treatments that can be had weekly. A course of 4 to 6 will see the full benefit of lasting results.

The magic of the Miracle Mask shows the peptides and antioxidants to tighten and firm the skin.

The formula stimulates plasma into the deeper levels of the skin in order to enhance cellular renewal.

By helping to promote keratinocytes, collagen and elastin, the skin can remove impurities and provide a youthful appearance.

Key ingredients have backed clinical studies and the miracle mask includes the following…

Albumin – Smooth’s skin, reduces redness and gives the skin that ‘glowing’ appearance. Albumen is highly astringent, it’s an immediate skin tensor when applied topically. It helps smooth the skin and reduce redness and make skin more moist and glowing. It helps reduce pore size and firm the skin. Statistics show significant reductions for fine and periocular wrinkles Within minutes of application with continued improvements from 1 to 3 months.