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So, lets talk lips…

🌸Lip augmentation or Lip fillers through injections is almost as much art as it is science. With so many different fillers available on the market, each injector may have a different combination of products they like or prefer to use.

🌸Using celebrity photos as inspiration is common. However, when it comes to lip injections, patients should rely on an experienced injector to determine the type of look that will work best given the patient’s unique facial anatomy and characteristics.

🌸It is possible to fully customize your lip enhancement procedure based on your desired results. For example, you can choose to just do the bottom lip or focus on plumping a specific area of the lips (like the middle). A skilled injector can help develop the best treatment options to create your desired result.

🌸Filler-plumped lips feel no different than natural lips when the procedure is performed by an experienced injector.

🌸Lip Fillers provides a near immediate result. The lips swell a bit immediately following the procedure, but after 24-48 hours swelling begins to subside and the final result can be seen.

🌸Lip injections performed using hyaluronic acid (HA) filler such as Volbella, Kysse, or Restylane can be quickly and easily reversed, should the patient not like the result. An enzyme called hyaluronidase can dissolve the filler within minutes.

🌸Lip injections require very little downtime, with patients who undergo injection returning to normal daily life right after the procedure. Note: get your lips done at least a week prior to an important event to allow for the reduction of swelling or bruising.

Minor bruising and swelling is common after injection. Patients can minimize these side effects by avoiding any medication that causes blood thinning for ten days prior to the procedure.

🌸For best results, patients are advised to refrain from consuming alcohol or exercising on the day of the procedure.

🌸The cost of lip enhancement varies based on patient desired outcomes. Costs can range from £190 to £320 with Bare Skin Philosophy.

🌸Scared of pain? We always use topical anesthetic (a numbing cream) before the procedure begins to give you a pain and stress free experience.

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