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The Chemical Peel

Here at Bare Skin Philosophy we use a Chemical Peel called BioRePeel C13.

What is BioRePeel Cl3?

BioRePeel C13 is an innovative treatment, using patented 2-phase technology. So it provides a bio-stimulating, revitalizing & peeling-like effect.

The product has been developed by CMED AESTHETIC (Italy).

Its rich composition sets BioRePeel Cl3 apart from its competitors. BioRePeel is excellent in anti-ageing due to it containing all the essential amino acids and vitamins your skin needs. It also contains 35% TCA ( for face and neck) and 50% TCA ( for body)and GABA (Gamma Aminobutyrric Acid) which is muscle relaxant and thereby reduces wrinkles.

As a result, the combination of active components allows it to effectively prevent the ageing of the skin. Also, it decreases damage from UV light, pigmentation or acne. The essence of the treatment lies within its mild exfoliation. In addition, the powerful stimulation of biosynthetic processes restore the structure of the skin. Furthermore, the treatment is suitable for young skin during acute stages of acne, black heads, with recent or “fresh” scaring, as well as treating fine wrinkles.

BioRePeel can be used for the treatment of:

  • Prevention of skin aging;

  • Prevention of fine wrinkles;

  • Wrinkle treatment;

  • Hyperpigmentation;

  • Skin texture improvement;

  • Skin colour improvement;

  • Acne;

  • Post acne injuries;

  • Large pores and blackheads.

Areas that can be treated with BioRePeel

Immediate effect

BioRePeel produces instantly glowing skin.

Long-term effects

  • Helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles;

  • Helps to improve the texture of the skin;

  • Helps to even skin tone;

  • Helps to reduce outbreaks and improve problematic skin;

  • Helps to remove dead skin.

BioRePeel is broken down into 4 Functional Complexes.

BIO (Bio stimulation),

RE (Revitalisation),

PEEL (Peel) and

LIPO (Lipo Complex)

The skin is our largest organ and is probably the least looked after. BioRePeel helps to maintain and repair skin through its formula of amino acids, which are the essential building blocks in every cell.

  • BIO: (Bio stimulation) this stimulates the fibroblasts activity and activates cutaneous proliferation. It achieves this by using the amino acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and vitamin C.

  • RE (Revitalisation) creates an anti-wrinkling effect and encourages the skin to look fresher, glowy and healthy. This effect is caused by the ingredients: GABA Arginine, Vitamin B2

  • PEEL removes the outer cells of the stratum corneum by melting the corneocytes adhesion bonds, revealing fresher, healthier and less congested skin.

  • LIPO Complex moisturises the skin so when the peel is removed it gives the skin a velvet texture.

Recommended Treatment Course

For clients booking in for a course of treatment the following treatment course should apply. Treatment carried out every 7-10 days for 4 to 6 sessions, depending on the indication or assessment of the treatment area.

After the initial sessions, further treatments after 3 months for an additional 4 to 6 sessions.

Before & After 3 BioRePeel FND (face, neck and décolletage) Treatments Treatment to improve the texture of the skin, pigmentation and reduction of fine lines.

Before & After 4 FND (face, neck and décolletage) Treatments Treatment to improve the texture of the skin, anti-aging, pigmentation and reduction of fine lines.

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